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Rendered By DIc
There are 17 DICs and 14 Branch DICs functioning in the State for promotion of industries in the State. The objectives of the DICs are listed as below.
To identify prospective entrepreneurs to take up viable projects.
To identify viable projects and make demand survey on the available resources of the district and plan for promotion of viable ilndustries in the area.
To grant Preliminary Registration Certificate (PRC) and Permanent Registration Certificate (PMT) to the entrepreneurs.
To prepare viable and feasible project reports.
To strengthen the guidance cell to solve the problems of the entrepreneurs.
To maitain up to date data on SSI Sector.
To recommend financial proposals to Orissa State Financial Corporation/Financial Institutions/Banks etc.
To allot Govt. land /shed in Industrial Estates.
To recommend for power connection.
To arrange EDP training.
To arrange exhibition, fair and publicity and visit of industrialists to Trade Fairs and different Industrial Estates of other States.
To solve the problems of the industrial units at the district level .
To monitor the health of existing SSI units and the progress of those in the pipe line.
To recommend different incentives as per the industrial policy of the State Govt.
To provide necessary marketing assistance.
To monitor the implementation of the Prime Minister's Rozgar Yojana.
To assist revival of sick SSI Units.
To up date the library in different DICs by procuring different hand books relating to industries.
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